The fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging activities on earth, while also a beautiful and fundamental expression of human art and culture. The Clothing Traceability project visualizes the clothing supply chain – essentially where and how a garment is made, and the people involved throughout the process. Connecting businesses and consumers to a deeper understanding of the impact of the clothing life-cycle through documentation of a local supply chain from fibre through manufacturing and production, the project builds on established tools for supply chain transparency to develop a leading approach to sustainable fashion.

Many thanks to the various contributing efforts of this project: Leo Bonanni - Sourcemap; Dave Carroll, Cynthia Lawson, Chris Romero, Ethan Silverman, Chris Prentice, Sabine Seymour & Timo Rissanen - Parsons the New School; Doris Yee – Web development; Thomas Sabinsky – Video Editor.

About Sourcemap

Equipped with the belief that people have the right to know where things come from and how they are made,  Sourcemap was created so that everyone can access the information needed to make sustainable choices and share them with the world. This free and open-source project is volunteer-driven.

Founder Leo Bonanni talks about the motivations behind supply chain transparency and how Sourcemap can empower sustainability at a social and environmental scale. Find out more here.