Levis on Denim & Sustainability

January 11th, 2012


In the past couple of years, LEVI STRAUSS & CO has begun to take strides in informing consumers on the impact of some of its most popular products. Notably, it has produced reports on environmental performance, its supplier list , and broken down the overall impact for 11 of its products.

Part of this initiative has the providing far more information to consumers than most of its competitors, while also means shifting to the use of tags and product labeling which encourages better consumer use and care of products.  In 2010 the company launched water<less jeans, denim produced using less water, educating through video clips while having a call-to-action for consumers to limit water consumption by washing less and in cold water.

What is important to note, and keep watch of here – beyond how consumers will respond to transparent initiatives – is how and what the brand will do to foster significant change from within its corporate structure.  Its current partnership with Fashion Futures might be the ticket – check out the video this collaboration produced: