John Patrick Organic

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The Story

John Patrick, a fashion industry visionary, who has extended his belief of simplicity, low-impact, and natural beauty to his brand Organic, creates an understated, elegant clothing line of warm, earth-toned wardrobe staples. Our collaboration documented the supply chain of select pieces from his 2011 fall /winter collection.

Collecting video footage, and visualizing the story of the supply chain onto a Sourcemap, the case study documented the garments from fibre through manufacturing and production local to the eastern United States.

The Organic supply chain began with wool fibre sourced in upstate New York at Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Company, home to Icelandic and Shetland sheep. For John Patrick, the wool used was of natural color, and once sorted and washed, traveled to either a mill in Canton MA, or directly to be knit into hand crafted sweaters by a young artisan in Queens, NY.  The fabric used in the collection was created at Draper Knitting in Massachusetts, then cut and sewn in NYC’s historic garment district. The collection was previewed and exhibited at New York Fashion Week in February 2011.